Charivari (Eng-Aus, 1854)
Charivari (Eng-Aus, 1854)

Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Shipboard, aboard the Queen of the South, sailing from England to Australia

Frequency:  Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:   Two issues and the beginnings of a third. The first issue is dated 15 April 1854.

Size and Format:  Unknown (see image)

Editor/Publisher:  Charles Lyall (d. 1910?)

Title Changes and Continuation:  None

General Description and Notes:

Charivari (Eng-Aus, 1854)
Charivari (Eng-Aus, 1854)

From the State Library of Victoria website: “Shipboard newspaper, written in the style of Punch (the London Charivari) , on board the Queen of the South on a voyage from England to Australia in 1854. Includes a description of the ship’s brief stopover at St. Vincent in the Windward Islands.”

Information Sources:                            

Bibliography:  None?

Locations: State Library of Victoria, accession no(s) MS 12221; MS 9100; accessible, but microfilm (MS 9100, MSM 39) issued instead of the original.