Pleasant Hill Popgun (OR, 1901)

Place of Publication: Pleasant Hill, Oregon

Frequency:  One issue?

Volume and Issue Data:  No. 2, Dec. 13, 1901

Size and Format:  Ledger sheets, 14 pp.

Editor/Publisher:  Anonymous (Pleasant Hill Literary Society?)

Title Changes and Continuation:  Succeeded Rattlesnake Blizzard

General Description and Notes:

A handwritten newspaper on old ledger sheets, Dec. 13, 1901, in the same ledger as the earlier, Rattlesnake Blizzard, Dec. 30, 1885.  Edited anonymously.  Contained brief news items, jokes and anecdotes.

Page two contains the following:

“The Pop-gun is the paper of the people, by the people, and for the people; Now friends how can you stand back when you know what is best for U [sic].”

 The paper ends with this statement:

 “We desire to thank those who have so cheerfully contributed to these columns.  Without the aid of all the members it would be impossible for one to produce a piece of work such as the society will expect of their servants.  We have consigned nothing to the waste basket and have carefully looked over the almanacs and magazines in securing our material for this issue of the paper.  Now as we are about to step out we [sic] our successors a successful term and have a liberal patronage.  The present editors will hereafter be seen wandering about seeking lost health and long forgotten happiness.  Thanking you for the patronage we have enjoyed we now retire with the greatest of pleasure.”

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  Martin Schmidt, Catalogues and Manuscripts, University of Oregon Library, Special Collections, Vol. I, 1971, item 888.

Locations:  Special Collections, Knight Library, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon