Publication History:

Place of Publication: Burlington, WI?

Frequency:  Likely weekly

Volume and Issue Data:  Feb.-Apr.? 1860

Size and Format:  two pages of foolscap

Editor/Publisher:  Mathias Bachmayer

Title Changes and Continuation:  The exact title is uncertain; “Political Judge” is the translation.

General Description and Notes:

In German.  The paper is known only from mentions in the Burlington Gazette of March 20, 1860, ” . . . the paper is hand copied.  It is free and devoted to calling out the Catholic church building committee and local news.” and Apr. 4, 1860, “number twelve is received.  It covers two pages of foolscap.”  The exact title is uncertain; that given above is a translation from the English given in the Gazette.

Information Sources:         

Bibliography:  Burlington Gazette, March 20, 1860 and April 4, 1860; information from James P. Danky, Newspapers and Periodicals Librarian, The State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Locations:  No copies are known.