Lyceum Star and Evening Chronicle and Review and Miscellaney (RI, 1833-1836)

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Publication History:

Place of Publication: Unknown

Frequency:  Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  1833-1836

Size and Format:  about 400 pages

Editor/Publisher:  Unknown

Title Changes and Continuation:  Review and Miscellaney

General Description and Notes:

According to manuscripts curator at the Rhode Island Historical Society Cynthia Bendroth, “We never could establish whether it was ever published or distributed since it is in a bound volume.”

Information Sources:

Bibliography: None

Locations:  Manuscripts, The Rhode Island Historical Society Library, Providence, RI

Bow and Arrow (MI, 1833)

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Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Michilimackinac, Michigan (1833)

Frequency:  Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  No. 2, Oct. 1, 1833

Size and Format:  Unknown

Editor/Publisher:  Henry Rowe Schoolcraft (1833)

Title Changes and Continuations:  None

General Description & Notes:

According to Littlefield and Parins, The Bow and Arrow was a manuscript magazine devoted to Indian life, history, opinion, and names.  This was editor Schoolcraft’s third handwritten publication, the first being a literary magaznie published from 1809 to 1818 and the second being The Muzzinyegun or Literary Voyager (1826-1827) published in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.  The Oct. 1, 1833 issue of the Bow and Arrow contained an article entitled “The Indian” dealing with stereotypes and characteristics of the American Indian.

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  Vernon Kinietz, “Schoolcraft’s Manuscript Magazines,” Bibliographical Society of America Papers, 35 (April-June, 1941), 151-154.  Indexed in David F. Littlefield, Jr. and James W. ParinsAmerican Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals, 1826-1924 (Westport, Conn.:  Greenwood Press, 1984), 44.

Locations:  DLC

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