Tancopanican Chronicle (DE, 1823-1824)

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Publication History: 

Place of Publication: DuPont family home, Delaware

Frequency: Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  Saturday, Sept. 20th, 1823.  Twelve issues, 1823-24.

Size and Format:  Approx. 4 pages each; approximately 7.5 x 10 inches

Editor/Publisher:  “Two members of the blue stocking club;” according to Marjorie G. McNinch, of the Hagley Museum and Library Manuscripts and Archives Department,  the paper is “written in the hand of Victorine (du Pont) Bauduy, but compiled with the help of her sisters Eleuthera and Sophie”

Title Changes and Continuation:  Tancopanican Chronicle, 1830-1834; publication for the DuPont Family celebration in 1950.

“Scenes on the Tancopanican” contains humorous watercolor sketches of life in the household of E.I. duPont, 1827 and undated.  It is handwritten, but not a newspaper (photocopy included).

General Description and Notes:

Presumably written in the hand of Victorine (du Pont) Bauduy, but compiled with the help of her sisters Eleuthera and Sophie.  These are the children of the founding member of the DuPont family, French emigrants who came to Delaware in 1800.

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  Riggs Guide to Manuscripts, The Winterthur Manuscripts, Group 6, Papers of Victorine (du Pont) Bauduy, page 282; Betty-Bright Low and Jacqueline Hinsley, Sophie du Pont; A Young Lady in America.  Sketches, Diaries, & Letters 1823-1833 (New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers)

Locations:  Accession 471, Papers of Louis Crowninshield, describes Tancopanican chronicle, 1830-1834, (Wilmington, 1949).  A typescript of the original volumes is in Accession 428.

The Winterthur Manuscripts, Group 9 Papers of Sophie M. duPont, page 530, referring only to “Scenes on the Tancopanican”

Hagley Museum and Library, du Pont papers, Wilmington, DE:  http://www.hagley.org/library/

The Tampa Gouger (FL, 1831)

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Publication History:

Place of Publication:   “Our Shop,” “Tampa Bay” (presumably FL; elsewhere in the paper reference is made to [St.?] Petersburg  and Russia, but it may have been an attempt at humor under “Foreign Intelligence”)

Frequency:  Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  Monday, June 1831, Vol 1., No. 1.

Size and Format:  Large newssheet, 4 pages

Editor/Publisher:  “Three of Us!”  Washington Hood (1808-1840), a surveyor, architect and engineer, possibly in his hand

Title Changes and Continuation:  Unknown

General Description and Notes: 

Issue dated “Monday, June 1831”  (Vol. 1, No. 1) carries the motto, “I gouge, Thou gougest, He gouges!”  The paper’s lead column reads:

“In presenting to its patrons the first number of the Gouger, we wish it expressly, distinctly, emphatically, and unequivocally understood that we totally, entirely and absolutely disclaim all allegiances, dependence , fealty, obligation or subservience to any body or bodies civil, military, or political–and that we are not in any sence or meaning, either direct or by inference or by consternation [?] the public’s. [signed] Humble servants, The US Three.

Below the fold, the column continues with an explanation of the publications purpose and character.

“We beg it, moreover, to be expressly understood by all those who may enjoy the high and distinguished privileges of drawing instruction, edification, and happiness from the rich, rare, racy, and diversified columns of the Gouger, that we hold it to be the standard of morals and manners, and the undisputed and indisputable umpire and director of wit, humour, taste, literature and sciences.”

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  None

Locations:  The Washington Hood Collection in the Downs Collection, Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera, The Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Winterthur, DE

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