The Young Ladies’ Diadem (UT, 1877)

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Publication History:

Place of Publication: St. George, Utah

Frequency:  Monthly?

Volume and Issue Data:  Irregular; Vol. 1, No. 3, Aug. 29, 1877; Vol. 1, No. 6, Dec. 5, 1877; Vol. 1, No. 7, June 27, 1877; Vol. 1, No. 8, March 13, 187-?

Size and Format:  7.75 x 12.5 inches; one column; pen and ink; average length: approx. 12 pp.

Editor/Publisher: St. George, UT, Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Society; Editors varied;  No. 3, Amy Calkins, editress; No. 6, Annie M. Romney, editress; No. 7, Laura Gardner; No. 8, Annie E. Bentley

Title Changes and Continuation:  See The Little Girls’ Magazine

General Description and Notes:        


Information Sources:

Bibliography:  See the many Mormon Young Ladies’ and Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Societies histories

Locations:  Manuscripts, Mss. A 1051, Utah State Historical Society, Salt Lake City, UT


Wawa, Kamloops (BC, 1891-1905)

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See the Kamloops Wawa

The Union Times (UT,1886-1887)

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Publication History:

Place of Publication: Union, Utah

Frequency:  Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  Vol. 5, No. 5 is dated Dec. 12, 1886 (p. 2); other dates include Feb. 20, 1887, Feb. 15, 1887, and Feb. 9, 1887.

Size and Format: 6.5 x 10.5 inches; single column

Editor/Publisher:  Unknown

Title Changes and Continuation:  Unknown

General Description and Notes:

The paper is a Mormon publication. The lead story-editorial of Vol. 5, No. 5 begins with the question, “What are We Mormons a doing at the Present?” The answer:

“We are endeavoring to Keep the commandments of God as written in his holy word. To preach the Gospel to all the world, to inspire the hearts of Men with faith in nGod our Father, And in the atonement of Jesus and that wickedness may comme to an end . . . .”

Seems to be continuous entries with different dates, contributors names/letter signed (F.S., D.D.E. Jones, Orson Berrett, Fred Buxton, Henry C. Monteer). May have been a Young Men’s Improvement Society publication, but found no indication of that in the extant copies.

Information Sources:

Bibliography: None

Locations:  Manuscripts, MS 605, University Libraries, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

The Sewing Circle (WI, 1852)

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Publication History:

Place of Publication: Madison, WI


Volume and Issue Data:  Vol. 1,  No. 7, June 23, 1852

Size and Format:  13 pages

Editor/Publisher:  Published by the Missionary Society and produced by Joanna B. Thompson and Anne B. Sewell, “Editresses”

Title Changes and Continuation: None

General Description and Notes:


Information Sources:

Bibliography: None

Locations:   Newspapers, No. SC 2052, Archives, The State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Schoolcraft’s First Literary Magazine (MI, 1827)

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See The Muzzeniegun or Literary Voyager 

Philomathean Gazette (UT, 1873)

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Philomathean Gazette (UT, 1873)

Place of Publication: Payson City, Utah County, Utah Territory

Frequency:  “Published every Monday”

Volume and Issue Data:  Vol. 2, No. 18, Feb. 24, 1873

Size and Format:  8.5 x 14 inches; single column; pen and ink, 8+ pp.

Editor/Publisher:  John Redington, editor

Title Changes and Continuation:  None

General Description and Notes:

The Gazette was “devoted to the interest of the Payson Philomathean Society,” an organization apparently supportive of the Mormon Church and its mission activities.  Vol. 2, No. 18, contains “original poetry” on “The Union of Souls” on pages one and two with an editor’s note: “To [sic] lengthy to publish in full, Ed.”

A story on “Travels on the Islands in the South Pacific Ocean” (pp. 2-5) recounts the efforts of the editor who “was called by the First Presidency of our Church to go on a mission to the South Pacific Islands, to preach the gospel to the inhabitants of that part of the world.”

Another story, “How Mr. Gray became a Farmer,” is continued from the previous issue of the paper, and continues to the issue to follow.

At least two pages are devoted to correspondence (dated Feb. 23) to the editor.  Both letters published refer to the Philomathean Society’s meetings, but provide no details as to its purpose or membership.

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  None

Locations: Utah State Historical Society, Mss A 2591, Salt Lake City, UT

The Muzzinyegun or Literary Voyager (MI, 1827)

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Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Frequency:  Weekly

Volume and Issue Data:  The Muz-ze-ni-e-gun, or Literary Voyager (No. 4, Jan. 12, 1827-No. 11, ? 1827); The Muz-ze-ni-e-gun and Literary Voyager (No. 12, March 2, 1827); The Literary Voyager (No. 13, March 10, 1827-No. 14, April 11, 1827); The Muzzinyegun or Literary Voyager (No. 16, April 28, 1827)

Size and Format:  Averaged 23 pages per issue

Editor/Publisher:  Henry Rowe Schoolcraft (1826-1827)

Title Changes and Continuation:  The Muz-ze-ni-e-gun, or Literary Voyager (1827); The Muz-ze-ni-e-gun and Literary Voyager (1827); The Literary Voyager (1827); The Muzzinyegun or Literary Voyager (1827); also cited as Schoolcraft’s First Literary Magazine

General Description and Notes:

According to Littlefield and Parins, The Muzzinyegun or Literary Voyager was a manuscript magazine devoted to the life, history, customs, tribal news of the Ojibwa Indians, as well as poetry, essays and information on western living and Mexican civilization.  This was the second of editor Schoolcraft’s three handwritten publications, the first being a literary magazine published from 1809 to 1818, and the third being The Bow and Arrow (1833).  The magazine circulated in Sault Ste. Marie, Detroit, New York and elsewhere.

Articles and other content were usually written by Schoolcraft and his wife.  Objiwa lore content was supplied by Mrs. Schoolcraft’s brother George Johnston and their mother, the daughter of Waub Ojeeg, a Ojibwa leader.  The reports published in The Muzzinyegun provided a basis for Schoolcraft’s later ethnological studies printed in Historical and Statistical Information Respecting the History, Conditions, and Prospects of the indian Tribes of the United States (6 vols.; Philadelphia:  Lippincott, Grambo and Co., 1851-1857).

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  Vernon Kinietz, “Schoolcraft’s Manuscript Magazines,”  Bibliographical Society of America Papers, 35 (April-June, 1941), 151-154; Philip P. Mason, “Introduction” and Notes, The Literary Voyager or Muzzeniegun (East Lansing:  Michigan State University Press, 1962); Philip P. Mason, ed., The Literary Voyager or Muzzeniegun (East Lansing:  Michigan State University Press, 1962); David F. Littlefield, Jr. and James W. Parins,  American Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals, 1826-1924 (Westport, Conn.:  Greenwood Press, 1984), 265-266

Locations:  DLC; Danky and Hady; Reprint:  Philip P. Mason, ed., The Literary Voyager or Muzzeniegun (East Lansing:  Michigan State University Press, 1962)

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