Eagle City Tribune (AK, 1898)

Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Eagle City, Alaska (1898)

Frequency:  Weekly

Volume and Issue Data:  Vol. 1, No. 6, Oct. 8, 1898; only a few issues published

Size and Format:  8 x 10 inches; two pages; pen and ink

Editor/Publisher:  Charles C. Carruthers, editor; F.L. Lowell, assistant

Title Changes and Continuation:  None

General Description and Notes:

According to the McLean, the Tribune was an independent newspaper that provided community news and editorials on the differences between Canadian and American mining laws, customs and tariffs.  The Tribune’s motto was “He that runs may read.”  No price appears.

The Oct. 8, 1898 issue includes five advertisements and criticisms of Canadian officials and “their coadjutors, the B.C. press.”  The paper was clearly unhappy with Canadian treatment of Americans in the eastern Alaska/Yukon mining region.  Tribune editor Carruthers displayed a tendency to editorialize in almost every article.  At the same time, he also records the names of many of the early arrivals in the country, pictures the difficulties between Canadians and Americans, and indicates the difficulties and dissatisfactions between labor and management.

Information Sources:

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Link: Melody Webb, Yukon: The Last Frontier (University of British Columbia Press/University of Nebraska Press, 1985-1993), p. 137

Locations:  Oct. 8, 1898: AKHisLib-Juneau; photocopy reprint in McLean (1963), 42-43