Forest Grove Observer (ON, 1856)

Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Near Amherstburgh, Ontario, Canada

Frequency:  “After due notice given to subscribers”

Volume and Issue Data:  Wednesday evening, May 14, 1856

Size and Format:  3 column pages, 4 pages

Editor/Publisher:  (looks like three names–can’t decifer)

Title Changes and Continuation: None

General Description and Notes:

Forest Grove Observer (ON, 1856)

Located in a miscellaneous file along with

various other dated items in the John Macintosh Duff Collection, 1822-1870.  Seems to be completely tongue-in-cheek with business notices with heading “Miss Tallstory,” Miss Crusty,” etc. and including stories about chickens, cows, and pigs.  One heading under “Personal” is about the Governor and Family which is quite lengthy.

Forest Grove Observer (ON, 1856)

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  None

Locations:  Archives, Call No. XR1 MS A210158,  Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph Library, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Forest Grove Observer (ON, 1856)