Grindstone Bee (SD, 1906)

Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Grindstone, South Dakota

Volume and Issue Data:  Vol. 1, No. 1, April 1, 1906; “whenever we feel like it”

Size and Format:  11 x 14 in.; 4 pp.

Editor/Publisher:  Wm. Henry Bruno

Title Changes and Continuations:  NA

General Description and Notes:

Grindstone Bee (SD, 1906)

The date hints that it may be a spoof. Other indicators, such as the subscription rates on page 3 (“One year: cord of wood; six months: bushel of beans; three months: slab of bacon; one month: shave & hair cut”) and the motto,” Don’t kick if you happen to get stung,” also point toward an “April Fool’s” edition paper.

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Grindstone Bee (SD, 1906)

Locations: South Dakota Historical Society