The Advocate (ID, 1879)

Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Placerville, Granite Creek, Boise City, Baker City and Idaho City, Idaho

Frequency:   Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  May 16, 1879

Size and Format:  8 x 13 inches; one column

Editor/Publisher:  Thomas Haney, editor and manager; other editors listed on title page from respective towns (see below); P.D. Rothwell, teacher

Title Changes and Continuation:  Unknown

General Description & Notes:

This school newspaper consisted of a series of student essays.  It is unclear how the paper was organized or produced, but several student editors from various towns in southern Idaho apparently contributed materials of their own or from students residing in these locales.

The title page-cover is illustrated with a series of nine circles, each filled with the names of the editors/authors, or place names.  The motto of the paper reads, “What is Noble in Man, What is Lovely in Woman.”

The editors from the different schools represented are identified on the title-front page inside circles drawings:

Boise City Editors: Carrie Cartio, Ella Cartio, James Allington, M.B. Givinns(?), A.H. Redway
Placerville Editors: H(?) O’Brien
Baker City Editors: E.L. Sturjill, L.M. Sturjill, J.F. James, Fanny White, M.M. Robbins, A.B. Carter
Idaho City Editors (L): E.A. Kingsley, Lena Broadbeck, Anna G. Galbraith, John P. Barry, Peniel French, Emma Bright
Idaho City Editors (R): Gage Lewis, W.S. Galbraith, Frank McGuinness, Nellie Davis, Jn. E. Craig, A.G. Galbraith (2nd), E.A. Kingsley (2nd).

In one extant essay, “Our School,” a student author notes that the school had desks for 13 students.  The building is described as “very old” and “very dirty.”  “This school house is a very dirty one, the more you scrub it the dirtier it looks.” Even the stove was deemed “very old.”  Despite that, Hannora Halley, the author of the essay, writes “I would rather go to school than to stay home.” She does not identify the locations of her school or home.

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  None

Locations:  Library and Archives, Idaho State Historical Society, Boise, ID