Auburn Reporter, AR, 1881, p. 1

Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Town now defunct.  Sebastian County near Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Frequency: Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  extant copy: Vol. 1, No. 1, Dec. 30, 1881

Size and Format: 10.5 x 7 inches

Editor/Publisher: Unknown “editress”

Title Changes and Continuation: Unknown

General Description & Notes:

See attached images. One irony in the introductory statement of No. 1, the editor indicates that the paper will keep the “public posted in what transpires in & about the Thriving City from our Paper derives its name” (sic). The town Auburn is now defunct.

Auburn Reporter, AR, 1881, p. 2

The first page includes briefs on the activities of several individuals. The second page’s top story is about a “bad accident on Christmas eve.” The bottom of the page two and all of page three contain more brief anecdotes about individuals. The fourth and last page invites subscribers:

“If you would keep up with the times, Subscribe for the Reporter for $1 a year.”

Information Sources:

Bibliography: None

Auburn Reporter, AR, 1881, p. 4

Locations:  Arkansas Newspaper Project.  Extant copy at Arkansas Historical Commission, Little Rock, AK

Auburn Reporter, AR, 1881, p. 3