Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Bark Shanty or Port Sanilac, Michigan

Frequency:  Unknown

Volume and Issue Data: In the papers of Uri Urich Raymond, 1857-1883

Size and Format:  “Foolscap size and numbers about 200 pages”

Editor/Publisher:  Multiple, Uri Urich Raymond was a contributor

Title Changes and Continuation:  Port Sanilac Times

General Description & Notes:

According to a transcription produced by Cathi B. Campbell in 2005, Oliver Raymond (relative of Uri Urich Raymond) give a brief history of the town, key settlers and the paper: “Bark Shanty was the original name for Port Sanilac, and the Times was the first institution for the public weal. No types or presses were needed to conduct this enterprise; it was self executing and the editor was not howling continually for the subscribers to pay up. The community in general took a hand in editing the paper but Mr. U. Raymond acted as janitor and property man, though he disclaims any responsibility for its publications. He simply allowed blank writing paper to remain on the counter of his store and any and all were at liberty to write anything they chose and the public were at equal liberty to go and read without money and without price. As the pages were written they were sewed together. It is of foolscap size and numbers about 200 pages.”[emphasis added]

The book, Michigan: A Guide to the Wolverine State (1941), has a description of the paper and explanation of its role in the community (available through Google Books)

Information Sources:

Bibliography: Michigan: A Guide to the Wolverine State (Michigan Administrative Board, 1941), p. 458.

Locations:  Manuscript Holdings, Bentley Historical Library, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; Library of Congress entry: