Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Junctionville (also known as Bonelli’s Ferry), Nevada

Frequency:  Weekly

Volume and Issue Data:  c. Feb. 1880-c. 1880

Size and Format:  Written on letter sheets

Editor/Publisher:  Leonard Bonelli, Bugle Publishing Co.

Title Changes and Continuation:  None

General Description & Notes:

The Pioche Record, Feb. 28, 1880, reports that the Bugle was a weekly written on letter sheets by the ferryman’s son, Leonard Bonelli, who lists himself as the editor and the Bugle Publishing Co. as publisher.

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  Pioche Record, Feb. 28, 1880; Lingenfelter and Gash, The Newspapers of Nevada (Reno:  University of Nevada Press, 1984), p. 123.

Locations:  No extant issues located