Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Lehi City, Utah

Frequency: Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  Vol. 1 No. 2,  December 13, 1872

Size and Format:  16”x25”:  four lined sheets of 8”x12.5” pasted together (4×6 piece posted in the lower right corner front.  4 columns written on both sides

Editor/Publisher:  The Thurmond brohers of J.E. Ross

Title Changes and Continuation: Unknown

General Description & Notes:

“Devoted to choice literature and amusements.”

[Page 1] Reminiscences:  [Editorial Policy] “In our last number we published a short editorial setting fourth [sic] the great and fundamental principasl upon which this paper is based.  Our object as the great and universal good of mankind, the total abolishment of every prinicple that is opposed to justice, truth and honor; to train the immortal mind of man that he may walk in paths of purity.  These are the great purposes for which we devote our labors, our time and our money

“Our motto is perserverence, unceasing diligence will achieve great results and though we stand lone in thes arduous struggle for reformation, still our columns will flooded with immortal principals [sic] and precepts that will discern as a legacy to succeeding generations, . . . “

Conatins:  poetry, local and other matters, letter to the editor, thank you “to the girls that prepared our room for the meeting last Wednesdayevening and also this evening.”

According to Hamilton Gardner, (224) Lehi YMMIA was founded in 1875. Primary association was established in 1878.  (418) John E. Ross came to Lehi in 1840, taught school for 29 years and secondary school for 25 years.

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  Hamilton Gardner, History of Lehi, SLC, The Deseret News, 1913.

Locations: Mormon Church Archives, Salt Lake City, UT