Publication History:

Place of Publication: Huntington,Vermont

Frequency: Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  March, 1810.  No known extant copies.

Size and Format: Brown wrapping paper, 7 inches by 4 1/2 inches, one side only

Editor/Publisher:  James Johns

Title Changes and Continuation: Vermont Autograph and Remarker

General Description and Notes:

James Johns describes this paper on the front page of his later manuscript paper, Vermont Autograph and Remarker of November 6, 1871:  “Should it be asked how long it is since I first took up this notion of a pen-printed newspaper, I answer that my first essay at it bore date back as earlly as March, 1810, I being then in my 13th year.  It was executed on a piece of brown wrapping paper nearly the size of this [approx. 7″ x 4 l/2”] when spread open, and printed on one side only and bore the title of Huntington Gazette; (I then lived in Huntington, the town next north by east of this.)  After that I used white writing paper, and sometimes altered the title as fancy dictated.  I have [end of page] . . .”

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  “James John, Vermont Pen Printer,” Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society, New Series, 4:2 (1936), pp. 69-71

Link: The American Antiquarian Society, Amateur Newspapers Collection

Locations:  No known copies exist.  (Dennis R. Laurie, Assistant to the Curator of Newspapers and Periodicals, American Antiquarian Society, 185 Salisbury St., Worceseter, MA  01609-1634.  Phone 508/755-5221.)