Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Parowan, Utah

Frequency:  Weekly

Volume and Issue Data:  Vol.1 No.3, Feb 11, 1865; Vol.1,  No.4, Feb. 18, 1865; Vol.1, No.6, March 4, 1865

Size and Format:  8”x12”, 2 columns

Editor/Publisher:  Joseph Fish, William Davenport, H.S. Coombs

Title Changes and Continuation:

General Description and Notes:

Motto:  “Thought is the Mind’s Wealth”

The Intelligencer is published every Saturday morning by the young men of Parowan, Utah.

Terms:  Read and return to editor.

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Poetry, lit. stories, Religion, ads, city council news, letter to the editor

(p.2-3, No.4) The editors of the Intelligencer had thought of changing the name of this sheet, but upon more mature deliberation, they think it best to continue the original title.  To those shoe were present at the spelling school and saw The Hesperian Sentinal this may serve as an explanation of the change.

Alter, p.189:  Parowan, Iron County, S. Utah:  “The Intelligencer, a pen and ink manuscript newspaper comes to life for a single glance through a reference by editor Stenhouse of the Salt Lake Daily Telegraph, Saturday morning, April 16, 1865.

“Our Southern contemporary, that unpretending sheet, the Intelligencer, published by the Young Men of Parowan, comes to our table as regularly as the Southern mail will admit. It contains articles upon education and other matters worthy of perusal.”

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  J. Cecil Alter, Early Utah Journalism (Salt Lake City:  Utah State Historical Society, 1938), 190

Locations:  Mormon Church Archives (M5d5824), Salt Lake City, UT;  Cited in the Desert News, March 29, 1865