Publication History:

Place of Publication:  Salisbury, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

Frequency: Weekly for 62 weeks

Volume and Issue Data: June 1891; weekly circulation: 180 copies

Size and Format: Pen and ink and then replicated by “cyclostyle” or early stenograph “for the Argus company”

Editor/Publisher: William Ernest Fairbridge

Title Changes and Continuation: Unknown

General Description and Notes:

According to several sources, the Mashonaland and Zambesian Times, a hand-written paper described by one journalist as a “crude but readable cyclostyled sheet,” was published for 62 weeks from June 1891 into 1892. On October 20, 1892, The Rhodesia Herald replaced the Mashonaland and Zambesian Times as the country’s major daily newspaper. That paper, since renamed The Herald , survives today as Zimbabwe’s oldest and largest circulation daily newspaper.

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  Jerry Don Vann, Rosemary T. VanArsdel, Periodicals of Queen Victoria’s Empire: An Exploration (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1996), p. 290; Press Reference-Zimbabwe; Louis W. Bolze, “The Book Publishing Scene in Zimbabwe,” The African Book Publishing Record, 6:3-4 (1980), 229–236

Locations:  None