Publication History:

Place of Publication: Harrington, North Carolina (Cumberland County, now known as Harnett County)

Frequency:  The 1866 issue says monthly.

Volume and Issue Data:  Vol. l, No 1, October 1866; and Vol. I, No. 1, May 1869, and No. 2, June 1869.

Size and Format:   The 1866 copy is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2; all are 4 pp. each

Editor/Publisher:  “Harrington & Co.” for the first one and Sion A. Harrington (postmaster at Harrington, NC, in 1851) for the other two.

Title Changes and Continuation:  Same title but Vol. 1 appears in 1866 and again in 1869.

General Description and Notes:

Contains verses, essays, and miscellany.  The 1866 issue is described as “crudely printed”.  The other two look as if they may be drafts prepared for publication, but no published copies have been found.

According to Michael Ray Smith, ” Sion A. Harrington, John’s younger brother, printed at least one known copy of a handwritten newspaper called the Weekly News on February 2, 1869, and two issues of The Leasure Hour, a monthly publication, in May and June 1869″ (Free Press in Freehand, p. 70).

Information Sources:                   

Bibliography: Michael Ray Smith, Free Press in Freehand (Grand Rapids, MI: Edenridge Press, 2011)

Locations:   The 1866 paper is in the North Carolina room (C050), and the other two (Accession No. 3341) are in the Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Manuscripts Department,  Chapel Hill, NC