Publication History:

Place of Publication: North Bloomfield, California

Frequency:  Monthly (Only two issues known)

Volume and Issue Data:  ca. February and March, 1859

Size and Format:  Unknown

Editor/Publisher:  James Marriot (1859)

Title Changes and Continuation:  None (see the OWL)

General Description and Notes:

According to Kennedy, North Bloomfield, California, had no printed newspapers, but it did have two manuscript publications:  the Owl and the Miner’s News.  The appearance of the Miner’s News was announced in the Hydraulic Press:

THE MINER’S NEWS–This is the title of a new manuscript newspaper published at North Bloomfield by Jas. Marriot, and of which we have received the first number.  It presents quite a neat appearance, the head being ornamented by a drawing of an honest miner with this pick and shovel on his way to work.

The editor of the Hydraulic Press, B.P. Avery, then quoted a discussion of chronic grumblers from the Miner’s News, and said, “As our cotem. [sic] intends to devote his paper to the mining interest, we wish him success, and will gladly exchange.”

On March 12, 1859, the Hydraulic Press editor noted another issued of the Miner’s News, but the North Bloomfield paper did not appear in the columns of the press again.  Kennedy observes, “Whether both the Owl and the Miner’s News suspended publication shortly after they started, or Avery was tired of mentioning them cannot be determined” (p. 512).

Information Sources:

Bibliography: ChesterP. Kennedy, “Newspapers of the California Northern Mines, 1850-1860–A Record of Life, Letters and Culture,” unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford University, 1949, pp. 25, 37, 512, 608)

Locations:  None located, but cited in Hydraulic Press,Feb. 19, 1859andMarch 12, 1859