Publication History:

Place of Publication: Buffalo Springs, North Carolina

Frequency: Weekly

Volume and Issue Data: According to Smith, 21 numbers (16 issues surviving) Saturdays, beginning, April 17, 1858, and then Wednesdays, June 23, 1858 until September 8, 1858.

Size and Format: About 9 x 11 inches

Editor/Publisher: John McLean Harrington

Title Changes and Continuation: None

General Description and Notes:      

According to Smith, The Nation. contained traditional newspaper content but concentrated on the politics of the Democrats. Occasionally Harrington called it The Nation. and used a period in the name.

The Nation, whose motto was “The majority must rule; the minority must submit,” contains verses, essays, an announcement of a Democratic party meeting, an advertising rates chart, and miscellany written by John McLean Harrington. In the first issue, Harrington, who would have been about 19 years old at the time, declares his political partisanship by announcing that The Nation will be “strictly Democratic” (p. 4).

Other John McLean Harrington papers include:

  • The Young American (January-December, 1858), 12 issues
  • The Weekly Eagle (April 20, 1860), 1 issue
  • Semi-Weekly News (July 20, 1860-August 13, 1860), 6 issues
  • The Weekly News’ Advertising Sheet Monthly (February-April, 1860) 3 issues
  • The Weekly News (June 1860-March 1864), 182 issues
  • The Times (October 1867-April 1869)

Information Sources:

Bibliography: Michael Ray Smith, Free Press, Free Hand (Grand Rapids, MI: Edenridge Press, 2011). Additional bibliographic information about this and other Harrington papers in Smith.

Link:  Free Press in Freehand: The Spirit of American Blogging in the Handwritten Newspapers of John McLean Harrington 1858-1869

Locations: John McLean Harrington Papers, Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Perkins Library, Duke University, Durham, NC