The Pickwickian (NY, 1856)

Publication History:

Place of Publication:  New York, NY

Frequency:  Unknown

Volume and Issue Data: March 2, 1856

Size and Format:  4-6 pages, roughly 8″ x 14″

Editor/Publisher:  “Propretors (sic) Daughter Julius & Pickwick.”

Title Changes and Continuation: Unknown

General Description and Notes:

“Our Motto is FUN.”  A journal of a New York City fireman’s association, containing a hand-drawn masthead and is hand illustrated with satirical cartoons.  In good condition and very legible. Contained in the Hook and Ladder Company Record Books 0f the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Maryland, which included the company’s own handwritten newspaper, the Pony Gazette, circa 1854.

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  None

Locations:  The Hook and Ladder Company Record Books Collection (MS 662), Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, MD