Publication History:

Place of Publication: Fort Dufferin, Manitoba, Canada

Frequency:  Weekly (title)?  Actual duration and frequency unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  1875

Size and Format:  Unknown

Editor/Publisher:  Two North West Mounted Police officers, Wyld and Gilkinson

Title Changes and Continuation:  See Swan River Daily Police News

General Description and Notes:

According to Loveridge, the Dufferin Weekly Critic and the Swan River Daily Police News represented the first efforts at rural journalism at Swan River and Fort Dufferin by North West Mounted Police in 1875 and 1876.  These may have been the earliest Manitoba newspapers outside Winnipeg.  Loveridge calls them “newsletters” and distinguishes them from “true newspapers.”

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  D.M. Loveridge, A Historical Directory of Manitoba Newspapers, 1859-1978 (Winnipeg:  University of Manitoba Press, 1978), pp. 5, 58

Locations:  Legislative Library, Culture, Heritage and Citizenship, Manitoba, Winnipeg; cited in Manitoba Free Press, March 1, 1875