Publication History:

Place of Publication: Payson, Utah (ca. 1865)

Frequency:  Unknown

Volume and Issue Data:  At least 6 issues, ca. 1865

Size and Format:  Approx. 8 pages

Editor/Publisher:  Unknown

Title Changes and Continuation:  Unknown (also known as The Advocate)

General Description and Notes:

Alter quotes the Deseret News, March 29, 1865:

The Payson Advocate and The Intelligencer.  Manuscript newspapers, 8 pages each, judging from letters, and No. 6 of the Advocate, are proving interesting and beneficial to both writers and readers–a very commendable mode of using a portion of leisure time.”

(See also The Intelligencer)

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  J. Cecil Alter, Early Utah Journalism (Salt Lake City:  Utah State Historical Society, 1938), 190

Locations:  No issues located, but cited in the Deseret News,March 29, 1865