Rattlesnake Blizzard (OR, 1885)

Publication History:

Place of Publication: Pleasant Hill, Oregon

Frequency:  One issue

Volume and Issue Data: Tuesday, Dec. 30, 1885

Size and Format:  Ledger sheets, 13 pp.

Editor/Publisher:  Anonymous (Pleasant Hill Literary Society?)

Title Changes and Continuation:  Succeeded by the Pleasant Hill Popgun (See Pleasant Hill Popgun)

General Description and Notes:

A handwritten newspaper on old ledger sheets, Dec. 30, 1885; succeeded by the Pleasant Hill Popgun, Dec. 13, 1901, in the same ledger.  Edited anonymously.  Contains brief news items, jokes and anecdotes.

The opening story-editorial states:

 “From the ranks of this society your humble servants have been given the unpleasant and difficult task of editing this paper which we shall call the Rattlesnake Blizzard.

“As this office was forced upon the editors and items are hard to get, and when obtained it takes all the constructive power, and a little more than the writer has, to put them together, the members need not be astonished at the end of this term to see two shattered invalids, or raving maniacs roaming about the country in wild despair [sic], seeking lost health and long forgotten happiness.  Of course those whose sterling worth, honesty, mental and other qualities exceeds those of others are called upon to fill the honorable, now paying position of editors . . . .”

The paper contains sections labeled “Conundrums,” “Stuff & Nonsense,” and “Advertisements.”

Information Sources:

Bibliography:  Martin SchmidtCatalogues and Manuscripts, University of Oregon Library,  Special Collections, Vol. I, 1971, item 888.

Locations:  Special Collections, Knight Library, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon